I’d like to invite you to join the NuBees Block Swap. It’s a 30 day block swap that starts on the first of each month from August 1st to November 28th. We skip December because everyone is consumed with all of the holiday cheer and festivities.

Why 30 days? Traditional Bee groups require you to make 12 blocks per month for a full year. Yes, it’s quite a commitment and not all of us can dedicate that much time. Nubees is a bee where you can jump in and out from month to month. We also don’t require you to send anything more than the blocks. This bee was built on fabulous and creative blocks made by our talented members and we’d like keep our focus on making awesome blocks with a perfect quarter inch seam.

To keep things organized and straight forward, all deadlines are carried from month to month.

Registration: The 15th to 20th of previous month
The registration link will be posted on the announcements page. You’ll need to fill it out every month.

Hive information received: First of each month
A spreadsheet will be emailed to you with the names, addresses and member color selections. You may begin as soon as it’s received.

1st Member check-in: Fifth of each month
For the first check-in, write an introduction, create a mosaic and post it in your hive thread. Updated for clarity: If you want to post your mosaic in the group pool earlier than the 5th, feel free to. The fifth day of the month is just the last day to do so.

2nd Member check-in: 15th of each month
For the second check-in, post progress photos of completed or semi-completed blocks.

Post photos of finish blocks and Mail: 25th of each month

Update the Received Form:Ongoing until all blocks are received.

The blocks;
Each member is required to complete (5) 12.5in blocks in the requested colors of their fellow hive members. Please only use quilt shop quality fabrics that has not been previously washed. Also, since this swap has a pretty short deadline, it’s best to keep the blocks design simple and manageable.
Updated for clarity:
As far as a block design, it’s chosen entirely by the person sewing it. Each hive is made up of 6 six people. Each member will be making the same block design for 5 other members, but in their specified colors. Member color selections (and mailing addresses) are sent to registered members prior to the first of each month.

A word on no-senders…
I’ve been a part of so many great bees with fabulous members who fulfill their bee obligations without hesitation and, for the most part, they are reason I started this bee. Then there are those that will sign-up and disappear. If you sign-up and disappear, you will be banned from this group indefinitely.

A word on late-senders…
Things happen…even those of us with the best of intentions. As soon as you realize you won’t be able to complete all of your blocks for the month EMAIL/FM me. You won’t be able to participate in the next swap until you send your blocks, but I won’t put you on the no-sender list. If you become more than 2 weeks late, you’ll be marked a late-sender. If it happens a second time, you’ll be permanently removed from the group.

A word on my rules…
I want to create the best block swap group on Flickr, but to do this I need the best swappers, who MAIL on time and, on occasion, even finish a little early. It’s only fair to all members that everyone participates by the rules.

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